Kaleidoscopia is a subjective exploration of a historical landscape through a series of handprinted serigraphs. It explores the notion of landscape as a cultural memoir capable of educating and inspiring a creative act. The imagery is informed by the material conditions of the landscape itself, be it the rust-coloured land, the textured rocks, the vast yet docile river or the blazing red heat typical of the region. Through textures, surfaces, smells and sounds, the series aims to translate the spirit of a landscape, rather than to simply reproduce it.

Additionally, the works fuse together a replete image of a landscape as a complex material form, and understand it slowly, as it reveals itself through a process of interiorisation and contemplation. The artist’s quest for an ideal landscape ends with the realisation that each act of viewing produces a unique response, often influenced by the material and subjective conditions of the viewer. Therefore, the ideal landscape exists within and is truly captured in the moment we delve deeply within ourselves, reaching beyond objective representation, where we discover the order of the visible in a complete dissolution of the self.